Sammy Still Well Below 100%

17 September 2012 12:14
Sammy Ameobi has had a frustrating eight months on the sidelines.

But he is in the squad for tonight’s game against Everton at Goodison Park and the 20-year-old is ready if needed - despite not feeling 100%.

Alan Pardew: “I think this is a breakthrough year for Sammy – he has to prove it, not me."

Ameobi played 90 minutes of Newcastle’s 1-0 home PDL defeat to Southampton at Whitley Park.

Sammy Ameobi: “It’s every kid’s dream to play football. Hopefully, I’ll get an opportunity and push on and give more.

“I’m confident in my own ability – I just need to put in the effort and hard work. I know it’s not easy, but I’m willing to do it.

“I was injured in training – I was just walking and felt my hamstring.

“It was random. From there, it’s been six weeks of trying to get back to fitness.

“That’s football – sometimes it goes your way, and sometimes it doesn’t. It was just unfortunate for me.

“I can’t cry about it – I’ve just got to get back fit and do what I do. It was unfortunate, but I’ve just got to try and push on from here.

“I’m a bit disappointed in the Southampton game.

“I’ve been looking forward (to making my comeback) for a while, but it was a tough night.

“I don’t feel 100 per cent yet, and I’m a bit disappointed with my own performance. Hopefully, I’ll get back to my maximum fitness.

“We came out wanting to get a win, but obviously that wasn’t the case. In the end they just wanted it more than we did.

“We just have to keep pushing on and working hard.

“We’ve (the first team) had a good start to the season, and hopefully we can push on against Everton and get three points.”