Sam Jacks Slur Is A Joke!

05 December 2011 01:03
Some website called 'Premiership Owl' has had a dig at Newcastle pub 'Sam Jacks' for giving away t-shirts as a tribute to Gary Speed ... but with the 'Sam Jacks' logo.

Obviously some prick who has never been to Sam Jacks before and doesn't understand the link between the pub and the supporters.

Personally, I cannot understand the criticism, and I honestly mean that.

Sam Jacks is a massive part of the pre-match build up to home games for hundreds of Toon supporters, and DJ and host Nigel White is an institution on Tyneside.

It is a Geordie bar bursting with Geordie pride, and always gives a welcome to away supporters.

Anyone who was there on Saturday will have seen the passion and affection shown to Gary Speed, who is a Toon legend, but obviously the guy who writes for 'Premiership Owl' sees the idea of giving away Speed t-shirts as a marketing ploy.

NUFC have paid tribute to the man, as have many others, and what the hell is wrong with Sam Jacks paying a tribute?

'Premiership Owl': Whoever came up with this idea should be ashamed of themselves.

"Anybody who watched Newcastle/Chelsea yesterday, or who was at St James' Park, will have seen the Gary Speed tribute t-shirts that were issued by Sam Jacks - a Newcastle bar. Apologies, but I can't find any images if you missed them.

"I'm all for remembering Gary Speed and paying a proper tribute, but did the name of the bar really have to appear on the t-shirt as well? At no point during this 'marketing initiative' did anybody say 'maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to be seen as trying to profit off such a tragic situation'?

"Really, nobody? Nobody thought that they might be seen as completely tasteless and inappropriate. It's calculating and cold-blooded, and absolutely revolting - there are no mitigating circumstances.

"Whoever you are, you used suicide as a means of advertising your bar - dressing something up as a tribute, but all along it's just a Trojan Horse to widen a profit margin.