Rule No 1 In Geordieland - NEVER Slag Off Shearer!

24 June 2013 01:02
The season might be less two months away, but the attention and energies of many at St James' Park are focused on the lingering feud between Joe Kinnear and pretty much everybody else on Tyneside.

The man is a 100%, genuine . KNOBHEAD!

If the former Wimbledon manager wanted to endear himself to the Toon Army, criticising one of – if not the – Newcastle’s greatest ever players isn’t going to significantly bolster Kinnear’s chances.

Alan Shearer delivered a rather direct opinion of Joe Kinnear’s appointment, and he was only saying what the rest of us wanted to say

“Right now people are laughing at the club I support, and that sickens me,” explained Shearer last week.

“I promised myself years ago to never be surprised by anything which happens in football, particularly when it came to Newcastle. But this situation really is stretching it a bit.”

Considering the legendary status Shearer still holds in Newcastle, a more PR-friendly man than Kinnear would have simply batted those comments aside for a quick single.

Instead, the former Wimbledon manager opted to slag off Shearer with the same brush he tarred the Geordies.

According to Kinnear the Newcastle fans are of low intellegence, and Shearer is "clueless".

No one is questioning Kinnear’s right to tell his version of the story – even though, it’s worth remembering, Shearer took charge of a side that, under Kinnear’s tutelage, had won just 5 of 26 games.

But of all the enemies Kinnear could pick on Tyneside, Alan Shearer is the worst possible choice.

Alan Shearer knows the club inside out and he’s as entitled to his opinion as Kinnear is to his.

But the former Newcastle’s number nine is (along with Wor Jackie) the GREATEST EVER GEORDIE, while Kinnear is burdened with the pressure of having to deliver results - something he DIDN'T do last time around.

What planet Kinnear is on is beyond comprehension when he says "I was doing a great job before the heart attack".

He is in for a hell of a fall.

Source: Newcastle United Mad