Red Shirt Too Big For Struggling Carroll?

29 December 2011 09:37
Andy Carroll faces Newcastle on Friday trying to prove he is good enough to wear the Liverpool shirt.

This season he has made 19 appearances, seven of which have been as substitute, and scored three goals to take his overall Liverpool record to five goals in 28 games.

When asked if Carroll was good enough . Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish 'lost the plot' and had a go at the media for articles written about the former Toon No 9 suggesting he was a flop.

Kenny Dalglish: "He is adapting well to the change and we will keep working with him and, fortunately for Andy, we have much greater belief in him than a lot of people have who write about him.

"He is not struggling to deal with anything - the perception has not come from anywhere else other than someone's imagination.

"I don't think self-belief is a problem for Andy Carroll, I don't see why it should be.

"There's nothing to say he's short of belief and there is no evidence he should be.

"He is unfortunate in that he attracts a bit of attention to himself from yourselves (the media).

"I think someone has a furtive imagination about the lifestyle he leads compared to the one we know he leads - like everyone else he deserves a bit of time off.

"I think yourselves have a bigger problem with Andy than anyone else.

"But for us he has come here and gone about his work very well and has adjusted to life at a new club with new philosophies and a new way of playing.

"There is no one at the club who couldn't be doing better and Andy is no different to anyone else in that respect.

"Anyone who started against Blackburn has a chance of starting back-to-back games, not just Andy.

"Whether it is his former club or not it makes no difference to me in terms of what the team will be.

"The most important thing is for him to be playing for us. That is what he is concentrating on.

"First he has got to get picked; the best way to do that is performances on and off the pitch - for everyone not just Andy Carroll.

"I never knew him before (he moved to Liverpool) so I don't know what he was like but the football is the most important thing to him and that he is playing.

"That is what he enjoys most. He has a happy home life and if the football is going well then the home life will be happier.

"He loves playing football, loves scoring goals and loves being part and parcel of the team.

"He wants to play as many games as he can and if he is not playing many games then I'm sure that wouldn't be a great point in his Liverpool life."