Punched Horse Back On The Newcastle Streets

25 May 2013 01:38
A 45-year-old man was arrested after punching Bud - the police horse -following Newcastle United's defeat to Sunderland last month

It made the national news, and has there ever been a more embarrassing arrest in football history?

But, the police horse punched by a football thug will be back on patrol in the city today.

Bud (pictured right) will be on duty tomorrow at an English Defence League march and a demo by their opponents called Newcastle Unites.

Chief superintendent Gary Calvert said: “We have been planning for Saturday’s events for several months and have adequate resources in place to deal with any eventuality.

"Public safety is our absolute priority and our aim at all times is to allow these events to pass off peacefully with the minimum of disruption."

Some roads will close in Newcastle as the two marches pass through the city from opposite directions, both finishing some distance apart at about 2pm.

Source: Newcastle United Mad