Polish 'Joke' Backfires - What Is Wrong With This Country?

13 October 2013 12:38
ITV footballer presenter Adrian Chiles has come under fire for a Polish 'joke' he made during the channel's coverage of England's 4-1 victory over Montenegro.

Near the end of the broadcast, Chiles started to look forward to England's clash with Poland on Tuesday night – a match that will secure England's place in the World Cup if they win.

Chiles, whose mother is Croatian, said that the game on Tuesday is "practically a home game for Poland – 15,000 Poles will be in here, I’m sure."

Pundit Lee Dixon responded by saying: "Hopefully, they’re all crying at the end," to which Chiles replied: "I'm trying to get some building work done at the moment, quite seriously. Be careful."

The remark played up on the stereotype that vast majority of Polish people in London work in the construction industry.

Good for them. Where I live the buggers flood the streets selling the "Big Issue", busk outside pubs playing the only song they know "When the saints go marching in", or get barred from shops for shop lifting.

Is that racist? Not at all . it's the truth!


Source: Newcastle United Mad