Pedro Tips Bright Future For Toon Kid!

08 October 2010 12:07
Peter Beardsley believes young left-back Shane Ferguson has the world at his feet. Peter Beardsley: "Shane Ferguson has been one of the big pluses so far this season. “The big plus for us (Newcastle Utd reserves) was the two Dannys getting through 75 minutes (Simpson) and the full game (Guthrie). That was a big plus for the manager. “The one thing I always ask is to ‘give me your best’, and I think all five of the first-team players – six if you include Shane Ferguson, who is very much on the fringe – did that. “It’s not always about the winning, it’s about how you play, and your attitude to the game. “Chris (Hughton) now knows he’s got a few young players he can call upon, as he did with Fergie in the last round of the Carling Cup. From that point of view, it’s a plus, and we’ll move forward. “That’s our job – get them in the first team. What Fergie did at Chelsea surpassed our expectations, and proves, if needed, he can play there again. “He’s probably our next recognised left-back after Enrique, and to be fair to the manager, he didn’t want to take any chances with him at Chelsea. “It worked out both ways as they got the result.”