Pardew's 'Problem' With Cabaye Has Just Started!

14 October 2013 04:55
Alan Pardew admits to having faced a 'difficult situation' with Yohan Cabaye over the summer. But the player will be back on the market in January . and wanting to be away once again.

To be a great player . and I mean WORLD CLASS . you have to be on the Champions League stage, and that is why Cabaye will go 'fishing' for a new club in January.

He wants to get away, and if Pardew thinks his Problem Child is now settled at St James' Park because Arsenal have dumped their interest, the Toon boss is more naive than we ever imagined.

Alan Pardew: "That was a difficult situation because I've got a great relationship with Yohan.

"When a player comes in and is trying to force a move, which really and truly he was trying to do - which happens at other clubs, we're not the only club that's happened to - then it's difficult and we had some words.

"I told him my opinion but the most important thing when you get through that process is coming out the other side that you're still intact.

"Fortunately, me and Yohan have come through that intact, and that's important.

"(It's fortunate) Yohan stayed because I do feel that he's an important player for us. He's such a talent in terms of being a technician on the ball.

"He's just got such great quality. He's as good a midfield player as I've worked with and when you consider I've had Michael Carrick amongst many, I'd put him in that level.

"He's a player ingrained in the French side and will be a big part of the French team that goes to the World Cup, if they qualify.

"He got slightly lost during the summer period.

"But I am not just discovering that Yohan is a very good player with a lot of influence.

"He has always been important with his technical qualities. I am fortunate to have some very good players in that position."


Source: Newcastle United Mad