Pardew - 'Yes We Can Win It!'

15 March 2013 10:11
Alan Pardew remains confident Newcastle can win the Europa League after disposing of the bookies second favourites (after Chelsea).

Alan Pardew: "The question was asked to me yesterday and of course I think we can win it. But we can't get carried away.

"I do honestly believe that we have put one of the best teams out of this competition.

"If you ask me from the side of the pitch technically where do I pitch them, I would pitch them as a top-five team in the Premier League.

"They caused us a lot of problems. They have outstanding individual players in every area, really.

"We have beaten them, albeit with a slight bit of good fortune in this tie, so we can go on and win it.

"The one thing we do know is that the home tie here, whoever gets us is going to be in for another electric night.

"The fans played their part tonight, they really did."

Source: Newcastle United Mad