Pardew To Face Fans AFTER Season Is Finished!

23 April 2013 01:54
Alan Pardew says he is prepared to listen to disgruntled Newcastle United fans' . but only AFTER the season has ended.

Alan Pardew: “I know where we are. I have no problem at the end of the season talking about this season overall.

“I think we can set something up.

“I think emotions are running high and probably will be until the next home game.

“We are just looking to get rid of frustration. I said that to the players.

“Yohan got upset (against West Brom) and I had to take him off because he was booked already. We can’t afford to lose players.

“The frustration we’ve got is that we know that our results should have been stronger.

“Every time we’ve entered games we have lost players.

“Cheick Tiote was one we lost. It’s been tough for us when you look round and think, ‘Where are they?’

“Sometimes we’ve had three or four missing every game.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad