'Pardew The Puppet' Or Will The Worm Turn?

18 June 2013 02:34
Newcastle United confirmed that Joe Kinnear has been appointed director of football, with Alan Pardew working UNDER him.

So often it has been "Pardew The Puppet" defending Mike Ashley's every action, but let's see if the "Worm Will Turn" when he next faces the media.

I, for one, cannot wait for his first interview.

Tyneside is still in a state of shock following Kinnear's latest media outburst, showing serious signs of mental illness.

Do you feel sorry for the senile old knacker; or (like us at NU-Mad) shitting our pants knowing what the man is capable of doing to our club?

Pardew is a wimp - a man with a book full of excuses. Always the victim.

Kinnear hasn't got a brain cell in that thick Irish scull of his; but he has a mouth-piece that can destroy the very foundation of NUFC.

He is a dangerous man.

We all know he won't be at the club for long, probably only as long as Pardew himself, a matter of months, Christmas at the latest.

But it could be yet another wasted season of crisis and turmoil.

Then Ashley will swing the axe again and the rollercoaster ride will continue.



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Source: Newcastle United Mad