Pardew - Sunderland Can Just Dream Of Europe!

19 April 2013 03:56
Alan Pardew has attracted criticism in the wake of the derby debacle for citing fatigue and injuries as reasons for a drab performance in the Tyne-Wear derby.

Alan Pardew: "It was a great day for Sunderland and it was, for us, a tough day.

"But I would rather play and give it a good go in the quarter-final of the Europa League, and they can only dream of that.

"Next year, there's always another game - and you know, in these games an in a managerial career, you get setbacks that are really not nice that you have to carry.

"For us, it's done, it's history, we can't change it. We have to always carry it, like they have all the defeats we have put on them, so we will move on."


Source: Newcastle United Mad