Pardew Plays Down Pitch Invasion

16 July 2011 10:22
Alan Pardew was disappointed the trouble at Darlington marred a decent display by his side. Alan Pardew (on BBC Radio 5 Live after his team's 2-0 win): "It was unfortunate because what seemed to be a jovial kind of chant went up about if Sammy scored, and he did. "From that there was a pitch invasion. Of course you don't want it but it seemed in good heart. "Somewhere along the line it got lost and there were a couple of nasty incidents on the pitch. "Unfortunately for us, a few have spoiled it for the 6,000-odd we had here. "The majority were excellent. It's a shame. "We've tarnished the game where we've performed very well. "It was just supporters coming to support their team. "They were in good voice, too. I think a few younger members of our fan group just lost their heads a little bit over something, I don't know. "It was difficult to assess from where I was standing - I was on the other side of the pitch. "I just thought 'we want to get the players off'. Usually that gets the fans off if there's nothing to react to. I went over there myself to try to plead with them to stay off. "It was just the minority. "We can't disguise that that period in the game has put a bad reflection on what was, on the pitch, a good night."