Pardew - I'm Not Bitter, But I Want To Beat Them!

23 February 2013 01:32
Southampton sacked Alan Pardew . and the Toon boss will never forget it! But he's not bitter. Oh yeah?

Alan Pardew: “Trust me, I want to win this game more than anyone.

“I’ve got a lot of friends who I love in Southampton.

“They were happy when they beat us (earlier in the season), but we’re a little bit stronger this time. Hopefully, we’ll win.”

"The dismissal was “unjust".:

“I’ve always had faith in my ability.

“I thought when I got the sack from Southampton it was unjust, and still to this day think that, like the manager who’s just gone (Adkins), if I’m honest.

“I ain’t bitter about it – it’s not going to eat me up – but I do want to win.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad