Pardew - 'I Won't Wish A Last Minute Defeat On Anyone'

15 March 2013 10:20
Alan Pardew felt for the Anzhi players as United knocked them out of the competition in the last second of the match.

Alan Pardew: "I don't really want to wish another last-minute defeat on anybody else, but we kept pushing.

"We have got two young full-backs who went forward all night to try to create the moment, and perhaps we were rewarded for that endeavour more than anything else.

"We did the same against Stoke. You talk about the spirit of a team - it's very, very important. It's very underestimated at any level.

"The spirit of the team comes from the quality within it and the standard of character in the player. We had good characters out there tonight and good quality players."

Source: Newcastle United Mad