Pardew Has A Strange Way With Words

15 August 2011 06:01
Alan Pardew says he wants to "axe" Ryan Taylor for the Sunderland game. Not the sort of words you would expect to "build up" a player. Alan Pardew: “Ryan deserves a medal. “He was up against Gervinho, who I think is one of the best players in the Premier League. “I know he is, because I tried to sign him. Then he was up against Theo Walcott for the last 15 minutes! “I hope he (Taylor) doesn’t play next week, because I think we’ll have a left-back. “But if Ryan has to play there, then fine. It’s got to be hats off to him. “He has that sort of role at our club – centre mid, right-hand side of midfield, right-back or left-back, it doesn’t matter, he does an honest job for us.”