Pardew Getting Tips From F1? Get On Yer Bike!

27 May 2012 11:03
Alan Pardew has already set his sights on matching last season's stunning achievements - but first only has eyes for today's Monaco Grand Prix.

Alan Pardew: "I wasn't too disappointed at missing out on the Champions League.

"We would have been more heartbroken if we had finished fourth, but missed out to Chelsea after they won the Champions League.

"That would have been tough to take, as I'm sure Tottenham felt, but we're really pleased to be in Europe, absolutely delighted.

"For next season it's important we set realistic goals, and we'll have to look at what team we start with.

"If all the players come through the European Championships and everybody is fit and well, then we'll go for a high finish.

"This is a nice break (in Monaco) with a couple of my staff just to chill out.

"Then I'll take my family away for a couple of weeks, and then I'll start gearing up for the new season.

"Pre-season is all sorted, so we're just looking forward to what we hope will be a successful transfer window, with one or two in and taking the team forward.

"I'm looking forward to the Euros, and of course I'll take a bit of that in.

"But I'm more looking forward to the race.

"I'm taking in Marussia's set-up, seeing if there is anything in there for me.

"How they monitor the performance of the car is how we monitor the performance of the team.

"Of course, the sports are completely different, but there are a lot of parallels, so it's nice to share some ideas.

"Graeme's a big Newcastle fan, so he's come to see what we do, and hopefully we'll learn something off each other."