Pardew Gets Out The Rule Book!

04 December 2011 12:30
Alan Pardew was at a loss to explain referee Mike Dean's yellow card - rather than red - that changed the game at St James' Park against Chelsea.

Alan Pardew: "I thought he was going to be sent off. It was the fourth minute of the game, but it doesn't really matter when that moment arrives.

"He [Ba] was in on goal, he was in behind Luiz, the goalie was not going to get to the ball, therefore it's a goalscoring opportunity, and he brought him down.

"I couldn't quite understand why he didn't send him off.

"I was really angry about it because if that had happened at Old Trafford with one of my players, one of my players would have walked, and I thought he would have walked today.

"The referee said to me at half-time that he [Ba] didn't have control of the ball.

"I am not quite sure of the rule book, so I need to get that out and have a look at it."

"Chelsea fitness coach Jose Mario Rocha celebrated Kalou's strike in front of the Newcastle bench.

"The manager apologised for that. He carried himself with dignity today because he was under a lot of pressure, their manager.

"But his staff let him down today and I am sure he will be having a little word in his ear."