Pardew Confirms Cabaye Injury

16 November 2012 04:21
Alan Pardew has revealed that Yohan Cabaye has joined the growing list of injured players, before his side's Premier League clash with Swansea City.

Alan Pardew: "We've got a few problems.

"Cabaye didn't play for France and it doesn't look like he's going to play for us at the weekend either.

"Jonas will be missing, Coloccini will be missing but Shola looks okay.

"A couple of the guys [who were on international duty] are coming in tomorrow (Friday) morning so it has really stagnated the week again for us, not unlike a lot of teams in the Premier League.

"But we have got enough quality in the squad to put a good side out on Saturday, for sure.

"With Papiss we have a bit of an issue going on at the moment with the [Senegalese Football] Federation.

"We feel we covered all the bases in giving them information but they seem to have not received it.

"So we are in discussions with Senegal and the FA about his availability for Saturday.

"We gave a report and an email straight after the game saying that at half-time he was feeling his back. We took him off and our doctor also sent reports on the injury.

"We didn't, as far as I'm aware, get too much information back and now it seems that Senegal are upset that he didn't appear for them.

"Somewhere down the line there has been something lost in translation there and we are trying to sort that out.

"Hopefully it will be cleared for Papiss to play on Saturday and clear for him to continue with Senegal going forward, because nobody wants any bad feeling."

Source: Newcastle United Mad