Pardew Blames Lack Of Fitness For Linesmen Blunders

05 December 2011 12:48
Alan Pardew believes the only solution to bad decisions is for assistant referees to become professional. But has it made any difference with referees being pro?

Alan Pardew: "The problem we have got in this country is that it's something like the budget, I am told, £8million for the referees, everything, assistants, assessors, the whole budget.

"Now when you think about how much money is thrown at this game, that can't be right.

"The training for the referees is about £30,000, believe it or not. We have got assistant referees who are not full-time, so we are going to have this problem unless we say assistant referees are professional.

"The referee has then got a unit that's trained, that trains together, that works together, that knows each other who can deal with those situations because they are dealing with them when they are training in the week.

"Unless we do something like that, it isn't going to improve."