Owen The Parasite Got What He Deserved!

20 April 2011 10:23
Michael Owen says he was disappointed after being booed by Newcastle fans during Tuesday's 0-0 draw at St James' Park . but what did he expect? Owen joined Newcastle from Real Madrid for £16m in 2005; picked up £108,000 per week; and scored 30 goals in 79 appearances. Each goal he scored for Newcastle in his five year stay cost us £1.3m! His substitute appearance in our last game of the 2008/9 season - at Villa Park where we had to draw to stay up - showed us exactly what this parasite is all about! He didn't move a muscle - we lost - and we were relegated. And for the record Mr Owen, it wasn't "one fan booed and the rest followed"! It was 45,000 in unison telling the little shithouse what they think of him. And how can we forget that quote when he left: "I play better playing for a club that wins things rather than a club struggling"? Michael Owen (on Twitter): "Got a poor reception off the home fans which was disappointing. Was desperate to score! "Knew I would get booed as that's what a lot of fans do but if they knew the facts then they may have a different opinion. "From what most of you Newcastle fans are saying you should be pleased I left the club! If i had known that earlier I could have left sooner! "For the record, I tried my best in every game for Newcastle. Under KK (Kevin Keegan) I played well and i'll never forget the 2 I scored against Sunderland (on 20 April 2008). "When I meet Newcastle or Liverpool fans they all respect what I've done for their clubs. In stadiums it changes, 1 boo and the rest follow. "By the way, im not looking for sympathy. As long as my family don't boo me when I walk through the door I couldn't care less!!!"  


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