Only Newcastle Would Loan A Crocked Player!

21 February 2011 07:53
He signed in January - crocked - but Stephen Ireland hopes to return to action in March as he continues to recover from a knee injury. Stephen Ireland - "We thought it would be a couple of weeks to get back to training."But I went running outside (on Thursday) at a decent level and decent pace, and I reckon it could be by the end of next week hopefully."I've just got to do a few more sessions and then see how far I can push it. If it goes well then I could be back soon."I haven't got any specific game in mind. I've just got to take a day at a time really, because one day it could feel amazing and then the next day really bad.""You want to be getting involved in the playing and training, but I'm not far away."I didn't come here just to get treatment - I came here to play. Thankfully things are getting right now and I'm almost there."