O'Neill To Get Sack On Wednesday - Odds Are 3/1

09 December 2012 01:09
Mackem boss Martin O'Neill is 3/1 to get the sack this week - as he stands one defeat away from picking up his P45.

The Mackem Leprechaun is counting on his past experience to haul the Mackems out of trouble . but if Reading win at the Stadium Of Shite on Tuesday . he is gone!

The Black Cats currently sit third from bottom in the Premier League, having won only two of their last 23 league games.

Reading are 3/1 to win - and that's the betting on his future.

Martin O'Neill: "I've been in management 20 years. I've had tougher times at other clubs and we've come through them.

"When I went to Leicester City, the first 10 or 11 games I couldn't win a match to save my life. We turned that round and were pretty successful.

"The first year at Aston Villa was exceptionally tough indeed. We'll pull round and, inevitably I hope, we'll get a team that the supporters are really proud of.

"The team is essentially the same as last season so it's a tough struggle, but we'll get there.

"There's lots of elements attached to this. The unity is very important of course but the players this time last year were in a similar position so we've got a bit of experience of that.

"We'd obviously hope that experience plus the spirit that exists in the squad would give us a headstart."


Source: Newcastle United Mad