Oh Dear - Sammy - You Must Be Joking!

08 February 2013 01:06
Sorry, but we have served the unintended purpose of exposing the gullible and outing those who refuse to fact-check their sources.

But this time, Sammy Ameobi got roped into it all.

It all started when ESPN ran a Future News about Leo Messi's ghost playing for Barcelona as real, and now there is a post about Zlatan Ibrahimovic telling the children of Paris to give him money . after David Beckham said all his wages would go to kids in the French capital.

Though Zlatan has been known to say some ridiculous things, this was a bit too ridiculous even for him.

The story included Ibrahimovic using the phrase "Zlaritable donation" and had him practicing Taekwondo while talking to the press about the French tax code.

It was all good fun and taken as the satire that it was until it started getting taken out of context on Twitter and Facebook.

Suddenly that image and screenshots of the unattributed fake Zlatan quotes were spreading across social media platforms and being taken as fact by even more people who didn't think to do a quick check to see if they're real.

Those people included a BBC match commentator and Newcastle's Sammy Ameobi, who tweeted a screenshot of the fake Zlatan quote -- spreading it to even more people. 

Source: Newcastle United Mad


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