Obertan: 'We Are Playing Good Football'!

31 December 2012 11:25
Gabriel Obertan says the blame for Newcastle's defensive horror show should be shouldered by the entire team, not just the back four.

Gabriel Obertan: “The whole team has to improve defensively, and it is about the whole spirit and attitude. It is not just the defenders who have to tackle and be rough.

"We’re going to work on that this week I think and we have to improve that side of our play on Wednesday.

“There is a lot of positive stuff, but at the end of the day people just remember who lost and who won. In the group, we know what we are doing right and we know what we have to work on.

"We did great scoring goals, but we have to progress and improve on the defensive side of things.

“Because we are playing quite good football, it’s quite hard to say, ‘Right guys, let’s just defend’. It will be hard to start games with the mentality of trying not to lose. We start trying to win games, and I think that is what the Premier League is about anyway.

“We have a good group and there is still a lot of quality. It’s just that defensive side that is letting us down, and maybe a bit of luck as well. In every game, you need a bit of luck. But we know it is hard work that will get us out of that zone.

“It’s going to be difficult against Everton, but in our position, every game is going to be difficult at the moment.

“We have to try to focus on each game as it comes. We cannot afford to be looking into the future. We have to think about getting out of the position we are in and getting ourselves back into that top part of the league.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad