Obertan - Not Just More Than Pace

15 August 2011 05:47
All talk was of Gabriel Obertan's pace against Arsenal . but just how good is he? A Man Utd flop . or the star that got away? The 22-year-old replaced fellow new signing Demba Ba. Gabriel Obertan: “I was relieved to get on the field – last season especially was a bit frustrating for me, and it just felt good to be on the pitch for 45 minutes, and to enjoy my football. “It’s good – I’m lucky that the fans like quick and tricky players, so I hope I’ll do well for them. “I’ll give my best on the pitch, and as long as the club gets results, I’ll be happy. “If I need to be defending more, or whatever, I’ll do it. “The integration has been easy. It’s quite easy to fit into the group. “I’m just happy that training has gone well, and the atmosphere in the group is good. “The last season was quite frustrating, so I’m up for anything on the pitch. “The most important thing for me was to get my confidence back and make good passes. “I created some opportunities, so it was good overall. The only thing missing was the three points, but we’re still happy with the point. “We could have done better – they were down to 10 men. We’re still happy with one point. “It’s important to grab something from the big teams.”