Nolan Apologises But Insists He Is Right

04 February 2011 02:19
Kevin Nolan has apologised to the club's fans for appearing on Liverpool's website and expressing his "delight" at Andy Carroll's £35m move to Anfield. Kevin Nolan: “Liverpool is a great club, there is no getting away from it. I am not taking away from how great this football club is. “I have just said that Liverpool is a great football club. It’s a great city and a great move for Andy, no one can deny that. It is one of those things. “I want to be here at Newcastle. I want to play for this club. "If fans don’t like what I said, I apologise. It was never meant to upset them but Liverpool is a great club. “I will say it again, everyone knows it, everyone standing here knows that. The last thing I want to do is start upsetting our fans. “Our fans have been fantastic, brilliant all season, as they were last season. I am sure they will stick with us until the end of the season.”