No Goal-Line Technology For Toon's European Fixtures

12 July 2012 05:38
UEFA said last campaign that they hoped to have goal-line technology ready for the 2012/13 Champions League and Europa League.

Well . you can never take them at their word . whenever the French are involved.

UEFA have bottled it and announced they will continue with additional assistant referees . because Michel Platini wants his own way.

The International FA Board (IFAB) gave their approval to the extra assistants, one next to each goal, to be used in competitions following an experimental period.

IFAB also gave the go-ahead to goal-line technology but, with UEFA president Michel Platini a firm opponent, the systems will not be used in European competition for the foreseeable future.

UEFA said in a statement: "In essence, the additional assistant referees provide two extra pairs of eyes to monitor the game and ensure that the Laws of the Game are upheld.

"They inform the referee of incidents of any kind that he may otherwise have missed, particularly in key areas of the field like the penalty area and its surroundings.

"The referee will remain in sole charge of the match, and the only match official with decision-making powers."