Newcastle's Lowest Crowd Ever!

11 December 2012 06:25
The lowest Newcastle United crowd I have ever been included in was the Anglo-Italian tie in Lucchese, November 11th 1992. There were about 40 of us in a total crowd of 744.

It was a competitive game, and as far as I know, the lowest EVER to watch the Newcastle United first team.

But what about an away following of ONE?

It happened this week when Udinese travelled to Genoa for their Serie A game against Sampdoria on Monday.

Just one man showed up to support them in an otherwise empty away section.

The prospect of a 600-mile round trip from Udine in the North East of Italy to Genoa appeared too much for most Udinese fans, leaving this curly-haired fellow to plough a lone furrow in the away end of Sampdoria’s Stadio Luigi Ferraris. 

His presence was a source of amusement for the home support, who, rather than subjecting him to any abuse, instead cheered the man and he reciprocated their affection with an enthusiastic wave. It was a successful trip for this loyal follower as Udinese won 2-0.

Even though Serie A attendances have been dwindling in recent years, with fans believing that the atmosphere in stadiums has been killed off by stricter safety regulation and hard-to-obtain identity cards, just one man turning up to support an away team in a TOP EUROPEAN FIXTURE must surely be unprecedented.

Source: Newcastle United Mad