Newcastle - No Longer A Selling Club?

08 February 2013 12:50
Derek Llambias says we are no longer a selling club.

Llambias claims the fans are right behind him now - well the ones he met on a train.

It wasn't long ago (at Darlington) they were going to pull his head off.

Derek Llambias: “We’ve got no appetite to sell our big players.

“People get us wrong. “Everyone is missing the point. We do need to trade at some stage but not really at this stage.

“The perception is that we buy cheap and sell at a huge price, but that’s not correct.

"It’s lovely if you can do that, by the way, but it’s not what we do. To be honest we haven’t got an appetite to sell.

“You’re going to get speculation all the time, like we did last summer.

"All those links are going to get brought up again – nothing is going to change.

“Are we primed for it? Absolutely, we’ll have discussions at the time. But we’re not easy sellers, we’re known for that. And these are all big players.

“We will trade. If we lose a player, we will bring one in of that standard. That’s just normal trading for us.

“The remit for us is that Alan needs a number of players into the team that he can draw on for the various competitions.

“That’s our gameplan.

“You can’t have too many players that are first-team players sitting on the bench, there’s a balance, you need to have players just behind them pushing the first team.

“Having a responsibility for this club, you’re always going to be open to some form of criticism.

“That is what the game’s about – you can’t have all these glowing appraisals of how you run your club.

“It doesn’t work like that.

“I do occasionally read the comments on the blogs and on the local paper websites – I understand some of that.

“But I was on the train this week and a couple of guys came up to me and started talking to me.

“They appreciated what we were doing and that we’re trying to do something the club’s not done before financially.

“This club needs to be solid. It needs to be solid, not just financially, but as a team – a management team. We think we’re getting there.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad