Newcastle Is Far From Joe Cole's Mind!

24 February 2011 01:11
Joe Cole has laughed off the speculation that Newcastle are interested in him by saying: "I want to be a success at Liverpool." Joe Cole: "It's not gone how I would have liked, but that's life. "Things like that happen and you've just got to push on through the difficult times. "I've had plenty of good times in my career and I've had my share of difficult times, I'll always come through. "I've enjoyed moving up here and living where I am. I haven't enjoyed the football because I haven't felt as though I have done myself justice or got myself right. "I have been frustrated with the injuries, but that's all going to change. "I'm fired up, still positive and still got enough energy – I want to be a success at Liverpool." Kenny Dalglish: "He knows himself it will take time to adjust after being out for a while injured. "It's not fair for us to judge him right now. He is enthusiastic and talented and we will try our best to get that out of him."