Muslims Hit Out At Cisse 'Double Standards'

24 July 2013 11:40
Papiss Cisse has been accused of letting his fellow Muslims down!

The Senegal forward has been at logger-heads with the club over his refusal on religious grounds to wear the current Magpies strip, as it has loan company Wonga’s logo plastered on the front.

However, pictures have now emerged of Cisse at Aspers Casino at the end of last year and the company have since confirmed that the Toon star is ‘an occasional visitor’ to their site.

Charging interest on loans and gambling are both regarded as unethical by Muslims.

Newcastle city councillor Dipu Ahad believes the striker’s apparent hypocricy sends out the wrong message about Islam.

Ahad, who had previously voiced his support of the player’s stance against Wonga, told the BBC: ‘I feel absolutely ashamed of what he’s done, there’s not just me there’s been other people who’ve been supporting him.

‘But what he’s done now, seeing him in the casino, even if he wasn’t gambling, I think this gives a wrong message.

‘People will say, “look, this is Islam they can pick and choose whatever they want”, and Islam isn’t about picking and choosing.’


Source: Newcastle United Mad