McLeish Says Taylor Should Have Walked!

08 May 2011 11:55
Birmingham boss Alex McLeish has no complaints about the penalty decision that gave Newcastle the lead, but he questioned the red card. The Scot says Steven Taylor should not even have been on the pitch when he scored the decisive goal after catching striker Cameron Jerome with his elbow as the pair jumped for an early high ball. Alex McLeish: "We had a double-whammy. Taylor probably should have been off the park leading with his elbow on Cameron Jerome's cheekbone earlier in the game. "We don't want to see that type of thing. Look at my nose and the stitches I have had over the years. That type of challenge is outlawed, but unfortunately the ref didn't see it." "The penalty decision - it hit his arm but it wasn't going towards the goal, it was going to the side, but Nolan was probably in a good position to get on the end of it. "The referee saw the arm going towards the ball and that is a penalty, those are the rules."