Marveaux Isn't Looking For Revenge Against Liverpool

05 July 2011 04:19
Sylvain Marveaux says he has no regrets after a move to Liverpool broke down. Sylvain Marveaux: “I’m very, very happy to be here. “Newcastle came to me six months ago, and they always told me how much they wanted me. I appreciated that. “When I came here I got a wonderful welcome, and everybody here was happy to see me sign here. “I was in contact with Liverpool. I was really close to signing for them. “The story about (failing) the medical is not true, only a rumour. What happened was there were some changes in the contract from the first time we had a discussion. “I decided to come here. It won’t be a grudge match when we play Liverpool – it’s not revenge or anything. “If anything, I am just looking forward to making my Premier League debut when we play Arsenal. “I’ve known for over a year that I was going to be available on a free transfer. I also knew I would be leaving France, and during these past 12 months I really wanted to play in England. “People have told me the style is different, but all I want to do is enjoy my football. “We have a real chance of getting it right in the next few years, and having signed on for five years, I feel that we can achieve things. “The superb fans, the stadium and the training ground – we have the right ingredients here to succeed. “There are already three French players here, and they all have great talent and that will be a great help – we are going places. “I just want to work hard and do great things for this club. “I’ve signed a five-year contract so I have time to adjust to the Premier League. “I have been told about the atmosphere at St James’s Park on a match day, it sounds wonderful. It will be a thrill to play here. “It is like a dream to sign for a club like Newcastle United, and I couldn’t be happier. I always wanted to play in the Premier League and enjoy some glory, and a club like Newcastle is great. “This is a club who everybody knows about in France. “In France, they show the Premier League all of the time at a weekend, so I already know quite a lot about the teams and what to expect. “I know the players very well because of that, and I am glad to be here to play against some big-name players.”