Martins Promises 'Toon Celebration'

14 February 2011 10:48
Former Toon striker Obafemi Martins has promised Birmingham fans he will replicate the somersaults that became his goal celebration trademark at Newcastle. Obafemi Martins: "I'm still going to do the somersaults. In fact, I think I will do them more. If I score goals, I'll do it. "Nani did a somersault on Saturday when he scored for Manchester United but mine is different to that. "I had to be careful about doing that in Russia. The weather was too cold! "If I score in the Carling Cup final. I think I'll try and do 10 somersaults, maybe more than that! "I feel at home again. I have my house here, my girlfriend and my kid here, so I'm happy to be back. "I missed them when I was in Russia but it was difficult for them to come over there. "It is four hours away and my girlfriend didn't really like to fly and stay in Russia. "I used to speak to them on the phone but I didn't see them for about five months so it was not good. I'm glad to be back."