Martins: 'I Didn't Walk Out On Newcastle - I Was Pushed!'

14 February 2011 11:37
Oba Martins wants to put the record straight with Toon fans . saying he did NOT walk out because the club was relegated. Oba Martins: "I have good memories from my time at Newcastle and they're good supporters. "I don't play for Newcastle anymore and it will be strange to line up against them but that's life. "You never know what is around the corner in football. "It will be nice to see some of the players again but I'm a Birmingham player now and I'll be giving it all for my new team. “The only bad memory we had was when we got relegated. “It was normal when I left because they couldn’t afford the money, that’s why they asked me to go. "I have good memories of there with the fans and the players. We had good players but things weren’t right. “We kept asking ourselves, ‘Why are we relegated?’ and we don’t even know ourselves why we were relegated. “We don’t know what was wrong with the team. There was a problem with the chairman [Mike Ashley], who we didn’t know whether he was going to stay or sell. "Alan Shearer tried to save the team but he didn’t and it was a sad story. "It was definitely the lowest point of my career and it affected me because when I went to Germany my profile was lower and they knew my team had got relegated. “It is not a good thing but you have to continue and take pressure. It was painful when we got relegated. "Just because I left there that wasn’t it, it was painful for about six or seven months because I was still thinking how we got relegated. But I am very happy they are back in the Premier League.”