Mariner Blasts Poor Finishing

20 April 2010 09:53
A travelling support of 2,431 Geordies made the 820-mile round trip to cheer Newcastle to the title at Home Park. Argyle boss Paul Mariner says Plymouth is a massive fan-base, which obviously it is. After all, it is the biggest city in Britain never to have had a team in the top flight of football. Paul Mariner: "We also have a fantastic fan base and we owe it to them to do our best to bounce back up to this division - and that's what we will be aiming to do. "Obviously I am so disappointed but I still have to say that the players tried to get the ball down, tried to pass and play the right way - even under the pressure they were under tonight, knowing that they had to win. "That speaks volumes to me, and re-affirms what they are about. I asked for a response after the Watford defeat and they gave me that. We had chances to score tonight and our finishing has to improve and that's what we need to do."