Mags And Mackems In Top Four For Arrests

23 December 2011 11:09
Sunderland and Newcastle had two of the highest arrest stats in the country last season . but on the 'plus' side of things . figures were down.

The number of people arrested for football-related disorder in England and Wales fell to a record low last season, the Home Office revealed.

A total of 3,089 English and Welsh fans were arrested at international and domestic games in 2010/11, down 302 from the previous season - the lowest since records began in 1984/5.

Manchester United had the most arrests, 275, though their average attendance is 75,109.

Leeds United were next with 149 arrests, from an average home gate of 39,460.

Sunderland were next with 126 arrests (average gate 40,011), followed by Newcastle with 123 (average 47,717) and Manchester City with 108 (average 45,880).

There were no arrests at 70 per cent of games.

Crime Prevention Minister Lord Henley said: “Football policing is a real British success story. Where hooliganism was once described as ‘the English disease’, we now set an example for others to follow.”