Mackems Send 'Welcome Home' Messages

06 April 2010 04:25
What the f*** is happening to the world? We (NU Mad) have been flooded with "congratulations" messages from fans from clubs far and wide . INCLUDING Sunderland! Liverpool, Carlisle, Millwall, Stoke, Ipswich . fans from just about every club in the nation . but the GENUINE messages from the Mackems have really touched us deeply here at NU-Mad. We spent the day (before and after the game) on the raz, thinking we had got one over the Mackems . and the buggers do THAT to yer! Steve Bruce: “Congratulations to Newcastle and everyone here at Sunderland is genuinely pleased that the Tyne-Wear derby game will be back on the Premier League calendar next year. “The derby games have been a big miss. “Being from the North East, I know how important the derby games are to the fans of Sunderland, Newcastle and Middlesbrough. “We’ve had big games here this season, but there is nothing quite like the derby atmosphere. “They are always spectacular occasions and I am already looking forward immensely to being involved.”