Mackems Pay Better Wages Than Newcastle!

11 June 2013 04:47
According to a new report on global sports salaries, Sunderland pay their players (on average) more than Newcastle pay theirs!

Man City are top of the list in world sport, with Newcastle coming in at 127.

The average weekly pay at the Etihad Stadium is a staggering £100,764 which translates to an annual salary of £5,239,750.

City jump to top spot from third place last year, replacing Barcelona who are now fourth.

The LA Dodgers basketball team are second on the list, with their players averaging £93,380 per week, £4,855,783 annually.

Manchester United are in 12th place on the list, with average weekly wages of £75,423 (annual £3, 921,423). Last year they were 11th.

At 127 we have Newcastle who pay £26,107; an annual average of £1,357,295.

Sunderland come in at 110 - paying £27,590; an annual average of £1,434,654.

Source: Newcastle United Mad


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