Mackem 'Poppy Boy' In Fresh IRA Storm

25 February 2013 07:26
Tell you what - being a Mackem is one thing - but 'Poppy Boy' James McClean is set to be flooded with even more hate mail.

McClean has caused fresh anger among north-east fans (Sunderland fans included) after naming an IRA tune as a personal favourite on Twitter.

McClean sparked outrage in November after he refused to wear a poppy of his Sunderland football top, saying: "I won't one next season, either, I'm not bothered what anyone or the FA say!"

Asked the question - "if you are so anti-English and so pro-Ireland - why don't you f*** off back there" - he refused to comment.

Commenting on a forthcoming Wolfe Tones concert, the Republic of Ireland and Sunderland player singled out the song ‘Broadblackbrimmer’.

The lyircs of the song include the lines:

“A holster that’s been empty many a day. but not for long!

“And when men claim Ireland’s freedom

“The one they’ll choose to lead ‘em

“Will wear the broad black brimmer of the IRA.”

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said the song was openly ‘pro IRA’.

“Young people should be taught the folly of terrorism not encouraged about it being idealistic and patriotic.

“IRA terrorism in Northern Ireland and across the British Isles has claimed thousands of lives, I along with many victims, find McClean’s promotion of this IRA song disgusting and utterly inappropriate." 

Source: Newcastle United Mad