Leeds Fan Boasts About Drinking Binge

23 October 2012 12:13
The Leeds Utd fan who assaulted Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland claims it was the drink to blame . not him!

Aaron Cawley has been jailed for four months after pleading guilty to assaulting the goalkeeper . yet the guy who stopped the boat race on the Thames got six months!

Cawley, 21, from Cheltenham, appeared at Sheffield Magistrates' Court and the court heard he had been the subject of two football banning orders in the past, which he had breached four times. In addition to his prison sentence he received a five-year banning order.

Cawley told police he had drunk several cans of Stella Artois and three-quarters of a litre of vodka before even travelling to Sheffield for the match, and a further seven to 10 pints of cider after arriving in the city.

Prosecutor Paul Macaulay told Sheffield Magistrates Court that the man was so drunk he only realised what he had done when he later saw himself on TV.

But looking at the footage on TV - seriously, was that actions of a man who had drunk ten pints and a bottle of vodka? BOLLOX!

Leeds have banned the unemployed labourer for life and publicly criticised the leniency of the sentence.

Leeds Utd statement: "While we are pleased to see justice brought so quickly, our one disappointment is that we feel the sentence could, and should, have been considerably longer."

An FA spokesman: "We commenced our own investigation straight after the game and have spoken to both clubs in order to ascertain what exactly happened on Friday night.

"There will also be the referee's report to help us with this. There is no place in the game for this type of behaviour. We feel whoever is found guilty should be dealt with severely by the courts and handed a lifetime ban."

During the match, Leeds supporters sung chants about Jimmy Savile targeting Wednesday boss Dave Jones who has a dodgy court case behind him.

Jones described Leeds fans as "vile animals".

Dave Jones: “I apologise for tarring Leeds fans with the same brush, but look at it from my point of view: that one person ran on and attacked Chris Kirkland.

“But it wasn’t just about one person: after he’d done it, he was being slapped on the back as if he was a hero. I didn’t hear any of the other Leeds fans booing him. Who bought him his ticket, when he was a banned fan? Who hid him? Who sat next to him?

“It wasn’t just one or 40 or 400 Leeds fans chanting like they did. It was thousands. And when people say to me it’s just football banter, that doesn’t wash. Nobody should be subjected to vile abuse, and fans shouldn’t chant vile things at each other.

“I was angry with the whole situation."


Source: Newcastle United Mad