Le Tissier: 'He's Got His Underpants On His Head'!

08 March 2010 12:46
44,000 knew the deal with the Spiderman mask at St James' Park on Saturday . but Matt Le Tissier said on Sky Sports: "He's taken off his underpants and put them on his head!" Guernsey-born Le Tissier had Hartlepool fan Jeff Stelling howling with laughter, saying: "I think you will find that is a Spiderman mask, Matt . NOT his underpants". Meanwhile Chris Hughton hopes to see more of Jonas Gutierrez’s off-the-wall celebrations during Newcastle United’s promotion run-in. The Argentine donned his Spiderman mask for the first time in 64 games following his goal against Barnsley, saying he "forgot it" when he scored against Peterborough. Hughton: “It was a wonderful goal. For us, the most important thing is his overall contribution and we can’t fault that. “He was excellent, a player playing with real confidence. “I think the most important thing is if he keeps giving us contributions like that – we will certainly be happy with that.”