Krul Rub Of The Green?

25 November 2012 11:57
Tim Krul is hopeful Newcastle will get lucky against Southampton at St Mary's today.

Tim Krul: "It's just a bit of luck, I honestly think so.

"If we could just nick that goal and go on, I think we will win games.

"I don't think we have had a lot of luck at all in the last couple of home games.

"It is a bit of a rough patch and we just have to take it as it comes. We have got Southampton on Sunday then Stoke on Wednesday night.

"They are going to be two hard games, but we need to get back to the spirit and just stick together.

"It is and that's why we have to stick together.

"Last year, everything went for us, people stepping in, we were lucky with injuries to a certain extent. But this is part of football as well now and we have to get on with it."


Source: Newcastle United Mad