Krul: 'I Never Felt Threatened'!

21 October 2012 11:22
Netherlands international Tim Krul was delighted at the final result at Wearside, despite Newcastle being better than Sunderland in every department on the field.

Tim Krul: "I'm really proud of us, of the whole team.

"I think we see this as a win to be honest.

"Of course we're disappointed [to concede late into the game] because listen, if you're 1-0 up and you've played so well for 60 minutes with ten men it's hard to take.

"But at the end of the day when everything's settled down we see this as a good result, especially with the lads working their socks off for each other again.

"I think that's what put us through last year, the spirit, and I've seen today that we've got the spirit back."

"Of course I was desperate to be back.

"I'd hoped to make Man United a couple of weeks ago but that was too early for me so the next target was Sunderland and I was not going to miss this game.

"To be honest, even with ten men - of course their delivery's great from free-kicks and corners - but I didn't feel threatened today by them at all so I'm really pleased with the lads in front of me.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad