Krul - Bitter Or Just In Need Of A Reality Check?

02 July 2013 10:24
Goalkeeper Tim Krul believes that Newcastle will have a better season because they will not be participating in any European tournaments.

Tim Krul: "Being able to train for a full week will make a big difference.

"We will not have any Europa League games next season and that does have an impact on the training as well as the freshness of the first-team squad.

"Next season we will be right up there, I have no doubt about that."

Or is he just making the "best of a bad job"?

And that comes from a player who said last season: "The European adventure is fantastic and playing teams like Benfica is what this club should be doing every year.

"Who knows, a good result in Lisbon and we could go all the way. That's what the fans deserve."

So, Europe is out of fashion this season, is it Tim?

Try telling Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, Wigan (?), Swansea (?) and Arsenal.

Source: Newcastle United Mad