Kinnear Two Finger Gesture To Toon Fans?

01 October 2013 11:49
Newcastle's fans chanted "we want our money back" late in the first half, and they had a go at Joe Kinnear - who was sat next to Mike Ashley . away from the Toon fans.

Kinnear seemed to make gestures at the Newcastle fans, at one point I'd swear he stuck two fingers up at the away section . but the guy next to me insisted the fat bastard was just hold up his fat chin.

It looked very much like the infamous Ferguson "two finger salute" he gave to press during a Scotland game (pictured right).

Kinnear does not need reminding how unpopular he is with the Newcastle fans, having said "I was doing a marvelous job as Newcastle manager before my heart attack" - when he failed to win in his last EIGHT matches and only won THREE the entire time he was manager!

Source: Newcastle United Mad


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