Kinnear, Kebabs And That Dodgy Ticker!

25 June 2013 10:01
The only "kebabs" Joe Kinnear talks about these days is Yohan Kebabs. The Toon's director of football is off the junk food and now makes regular visits to the gym.

Kinnear suffered a heart attack during his last stint at Newcastle which meant he couldn’t continue in his former role as team manager.

However, Kinnear took on the job of director of football of the Magpies last weekend and the 66-year-old says that he is ready for the job in hand.

Joe Kinnear: “Mike, the owner, came round my house and we had a chat.

“He asked me about my medical condition and how I was feeling and one thing and another.

“I said I've been cleared, medically, for the last four or five months.

“I'm coming off my treatment.

"I've lost a stone and a half of weight. I'm very fit, and I've been looking after myself.

"I have been going to the gym a lot and taking walks.”

F***ing hell, it's like day time at the care home. Doesn't the fat little tosser fill you with hope and inspiration?

He's back on solids, and empties his colostomy bag every hour.

Source: Newcastle United Mad