'Jacks' Sign Toon Winger

05 August 2011 10:12
Swansea finally confirmed the signing of Wayne Routledge on a three-year contract last night. Right then . who's first? And we could like to add that (after a flood of e-mails from unhappy sheep-worriers from them-there-hills in Wales) Swansea people are NOT called TAFFS! Apparently that is the term for people from Cardiff; and Swansea folk are called "Jacks". (*as if we give a shit) So we stand corrected on that one, and wish the Jacks the very best of luck with our cast-off winger. Brenden Rodgers (Cardiff manager): "Wayne is a player who will excite the crowd — he will get people on their feet when he tries something in the final third. "He knows he is coming to a great club that suits his style perfectly. "He will add great quality and great competition to the group. "Technically he is very strong. He gets at people one-v-one, which I like. "Tactically he is very good as well. He has been playing first-team football since he was 17 and he understands the game and he also has experience of the Premier League. "I spoke with Tommy Smith, who played with him at Queens Park Rangers last season. "It's always good to talk to players because they give you an insight, and the first thing Tommy said was that Wayne is an incredible worker, that all the stats will show that he runs more than anyone and makes more high-intensity bursts than anyone. "That was music to my ears because that's how we play."