'Its water off a duck's arse' - the faux pas begin as Joe Kinnear replies to his critics

19 June 2013 09:56

Joe Kinnear’s recent interview with Talk Sport lasted over 12 minutes. During that time, the ex-Crazy Gang boss made reference to multiple questionable achievements. According to him, he made 400 appearances for Tottenham Hotspur and won the Manager of the Year award three times. His not-so conservative estimates were erroneous on both counts as his Spurs appearances totalled less than 250 games and he won the Manager of the Year award once.

Rather than save the best until last, Joe came out swinging, immediately telling his critics—“its all water off a duck’s a**e”. Thankfully I’d already swallowed a mouthful of Earl Grey when that beauty was unleashed; otherwise I would have bemoaned not taking out the accidental damage warranty for my laptop.

Possibly flustered, Kinnear then decided to reel off every Newcastle player in his mind, demonstrating his encyclopaedic knowledge of the game. It didn’t serve him particularly well as he mentioned Yohan “Kebab” and Shola “Amemobi”.

In signing off the interview, there was an opportunity to offer the Newcastle fans (his loudest critics) an olive branch but instead he insisted, “I’ve certainly got more intelligence than them, that’s for sure.” Of course he has.

There were those wondering who could possibly fill in the all-important media void following Sir Alex’s retirement. Between Jose Mourinho and Joe Kinnear, the future’s bright.

Source: DSG